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MailServ Mailing List Gateway


General problems.
  1. Run "perl -c mailserv" to check the syntax of the script.

  2. Also run "perl -c" on the config files that you are using.

  3. Run the linked script from the command line. For example, "./majordomo". The output should start with "Content-type: text/html", followed by a blank line, followed by the HTML for the form.

  4. Check your server's error log (for example, /usr/local/etc/httpd/logs/error_log)

When a user subscribes, email goes to the wrong address
Some mailing list servers are configured to use the SMTP envelope From header as the subscription address, so the subscription will be sent to $owner or errors address instead of to the address in the From: header. If possible, you should configure your mailing list server to use the From: header.

In particular, ListProc exhibits this problem, and must be patched before you can use MailServ with it. From the MLM FAQ:

Sometimes the MLM needs to be sure the person sending it a command is truly who he or she says. Forging mail is trivial, so the From: line really can't be trusted -- even so it's the only identification most MLM's require. Three exceptions: 1. ListProc 6.0c uses the envelope "From_" line, which is annoyingly different (the distribution does include a patch to make it use "From:" like everyone else). [...]

You also might have to edit your file to configure your web server's UID as a "trusted" UID, so it can use the -f argument with sendmail.

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