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MailServ Mailing List Gateway


Edit the mailserv script to point everything to your WWW server. You must edit at least the following variables:
Contains the email address of the WWW site administrator. For example:
$owner = 'john_smallberries@yoyodyne.com';

Contains one or more regular expressions to restrict the webservers from which MailServ can be called. Change this to match your web server, or comment it out if you don't mind if other people use your web server to send email.

Take a look at the other available config options.

Include Path

Your web server should automatically set your Perl include path to point to the cgi-bin directory that contains MailServ. If you are using a different WWW server, then you might have to explicitly tell MailServ where to look for the Perl include files and config files. Add a line like the following to the beginning of the mailserv script:
unshift(@INC, "/your-cgi/MailServ/", "/your-cgi/MailServ/config");
The actual values you use would depend on where in installed the mailserv script and the config files.

How Does It Know Which Config File to Use?

For these examples, I will use the majordomo script (which is a symbolic link to the mailserv script).

  1. When you run majordomo, it looks at the name by which it was invoked ("majordomo").
  2. It loads the majordomo.cf file, which contains descriptions and code to process the commands for the Majordomo mail server.

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