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MailServ Mailing List Gateway

Download & Install

  1. Download the following file:


  2. Unpack the archive. You should get the following files:

    I suggest making a cgi-bin/MailServ subdirectory and installing mailserv there, and a cgi-bin/MailServ/config/ subdirectory to store the config files. MailServ will automatically look for config files either in the same directory in which it was invoked, or in the config subdirectory (or you can edit the mailserv script to make it look elsewhere).

    If MailServ cannot find the files that it needs, it should display an error message.

  3. For each type of mailing list server that you want to support, create a link to the mailserv script:
    ln -s mailserv listproc
    ln -s mailserv listserv
    ln -s mailserv mail-list
    ln -s mailserv maiser
    ln -s mailserv majordomo
    ln -s mailserv majordomo-admin
    ln -s mailserv mlp
    ln -s mailserv pmdf
    ln -s mailserv smartlist
    ln -s mailserv subscribe
    You can delete the .cf files for any mailing lists that you do not want to support.
You can also create your own config files to make MailServ work with additional mailing list servers. Copy the the majordomo.cf script and modify it to your liking, and create a link to mailserv for your new mailing list server.

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