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Patrick Fitzgerald has years of experience developing award-winning products for web sites and Fortune 100 corporations. With a BarelyFitz web application, you get the advantage of best-practices that make your application easy to maintain and easy to modify in the future.

Feature The BarelyFitz Advantage
Standards compliance To ensure that your application works for all users - and even for web browsers of the future, BarelyFitz applications are designed to comply with web standards. We use validation tools to guarantee accuracy and quality.
Template-driven, internationalized design BarelyFitz separates the look-and-feel from the mechanics of your web application. With this technique, you can change the text and appearance of the application without re-programming. You can also localize the application for languages other than English.
Database independence Don't get locked into a single database vendor: BarelyFitz applications have a database abstraction layer that lets you easily change to a different database system.
Open-source components Why get locked into an expensive proprietary system when there are open-source alternatives? BarelyFitz utilizes proven open-source tools such as Apache, PHP, Perl, and MySQL to give you more bang for your buck.

These are just a few of the ways that BarelyFitz guarantees a quality web application - contact us to discuss your needs!

Free Stuff!

Try some free, open-source web tools created by BarelyFitz Designs:

JavaScript Slideshow
Add an interactive slideshow to any web page.

Quickly select a single item in a large list.

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