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Nascar, with Mullet

man with mullet hairstyle

A trip to a Nascar race turns into a mullet hunt.

Starring Frank & Susan Lazaro (3fifty.com), Kirsten Fitzgerald, and a ton o' mullets.

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What is a Mullet?

From The Mullet, Hairstyle of the Gods:

The mullet is a style short on the sides, long in the back, and comically awful. Popular in the 1980s, rapidly entering the zeitgeist and becoming THE hairstyle to sport, the mullet graced such diverse celebrities as Mel Gibson, Patrick Swayze, Michael Bolton, and Hulk Hogan. Most recently, the mullet has been in unfashionable decline, only the stubborn or the unaware remain mullet-heads - often brazenly combining the cut with skinny ties and tight-fitting grey polyester suits. And who knows, the mullet just might - heaven forbid - find its way onto the fashion pages once again.

Mullet Hunters

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