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Slideshow Wizard

Use this wizard to create an HTML/JavaScript slideshow.

  • When you leave this page, your slideshow is not saved, so be sure to copy the generated HTML. You cannot return to make changes to a previously generated slideshow, you must start from scratch each time.
  • The code that this wizard produces cannot be used for eBay auction pages - use the Auction Wizard instead.

Step 1:
Place your images on your personal web site

You must have your own website for storing the images. Copy the images to your website (for example, using ftp) then return here.

This will be appended before each image filename.
For example: http://www.example.com/pics/ (← note ending slash!)

Step 2:
Set your slideshow options


(1000 = 1 sec)

Automatically start playing

Repeat or loop the slideshow

Shuffle/randomize the slideshow

Controls Previous

Step 3:
Edit your slides

Slide Editor



(windowname, _blank)


Note: you must also set a default transition for the slideshow (above), or these custom transitions will not work.

up arrow button
down arrow button
x button

Broken: click to see URL

Enter the image filename and optional parameters, then click Add Slide. To update a slide, select the slide number in the list, change the values, then click Update Slide. To delete a slide, select the slide number in the list, then click the X button. To rearrange the slides, select a slide number in the list, then click the up or down arrow buttons.

Step 4:
Generate the HTML for the slideshow

Click the button to generate or preview your slideshow. When you are satisfied with the results, click Select All or simply click inside the window below and use your cursor to highlight the script. Copy the script (type Control-c or Apple-c), and paste it (type Control-v or Apple-v) into your HTML page.

Note: if you use this wizard, please consider making a donation!


Need help?
Play the Video Demo

Want to give it a try?

Enter pic1.jpg for an image filename, then click Add Slide

Enter pic2.jpg for an image filename, enter a description, then click Add Slide

Click Preview HTML to see the slideshow!


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