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Don Hopkins’ “SimFaux”

Sunday, March 19th, 2006

Don Hopkins put together an interesting multimedia demo called “SimFaux”, you can see a screencast at

Don was one of the creators of “The Sims“, invented “pie menus“, is a funny guy, and believe it or not his mother was a bridesmaid at my wedding.

JavaScript Slideshow Wizard Demo Screencast Video

Tuesday, March 7th, 2006

I’m evaluating Camtasia Studio for creating some training videos, so I made a training video for my JavaScript slideshow wizard:

Play the Video

I don’t have much of a voice for these types of things – I need to find some kind of microphone modulator to give me that Barry White effect.

It’s pretty easy to use software, I was able to whip up a Flash screencast demo in no time at all with callouts and everything. Just be thankful that I only have version 2, because in version 3 they added webcam support. How about it Camtasia people, slide me a copy of version 3 so the world can see my beautiful mug.

Regarding the slideshow wizard – it still works pretty well, but could use an update to make it more usable.