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Inappropriate recruiter contacts

Friday, March 17th, 2006

I like to keep my resume active on various jobs sites (Monster, Dice, ComputerJobs) even when I’m not actively searching for a job. The disadvantage is receiving unwanted contacts from recruiters. Even though I specify full-time positions in Atlanta, I keep getting request for contract work. For example, I got a request for a contract writing position in Minnesota.

Rather than deleting these requests, I reply with the following:

Can you notify me where you received my resume? I need to update the site to specify I am looking for full time positions only, and only in Atlanta.

This seems like a constructive way to deal with the problem, while still letting me get in a dig at any recruiters who ignored those restrictions on the job sites.

Update: then when I got home I had a voice mail from a recruiter for a six-month contract. The recruiter specifically said that he found me on Dice, where my profile specifically says I am not interested in contract positions. Gah!