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Google video content through AdSense

Thursday, August 24th, 2006

Google hints that it will soon be offering video content through its AdSense network.

Here’s an example of the new player:

A few interesting things:

  • The video appears to be higher quality than the typical videos on Google video.
  • In this example, the ad appears after the content (which I think is a good idea)
  • The player has a playlist, in this case with three videos: a logo video, the content video, and an ad video. In this example, the playlist controls let you skip a video instead of forcing you to sit through the logo or the ad.
  • There is no shuttle control for moving to a certain point within the video.

Since this is being offered through AdSense, I assume that Google will be offering some kind of revenue share, but the details have not been revealed at this time.

Bookmarklet to search current site using Google

Monday, April 10th, 2006

(This has been done before, but I’m putting my own spin on it.)

I often use Google to search a particular website, using “” and my search terms. It gets a bit tedious entering “”, so I made the following bookmarklet:

It prompts for the search terms, automatically adds the “site:” keyword and domain name, then goes to Google. You can select some text on the page before you click the bookmarklet, and your selected text will be used as the default search keywords.

For Firefox just drag-and-drop the link to your bookmarks toolbar. For IE, right-click the link then select “Add to Favorites…” (you might get a warning message since the bookmark contains javascript) then add it to your Links toolbar.

Inspired by: Search Bookmarklets

anatomy of a digg

Monday, April 10th, 2006

Here’s a graph of my recent web traffic. Can you spot the point where my CSS positioning tutorial became popular on the social bookmarking sites?

That tutorial is also now #7 on a Google search for “css positioning”.

Screencast: Judge a Web App By Its Title

Thursday, April 6th, 2006
You're Killing Me Here!

The second episode of “You’re Killing Me Here!” (usability and design screencast series) discusses various uses of the page title (HTML TITLE element): in particular how you can use it to communicate with users of your web application.

View the Screencast (2.5 minutes)

You’re Killing Me Here! Web Usability Screencast

Friday, March 24th, 2006
You're Killing Me Here!

Introducing “You’re Killing Me Here!” a series of screencasts discussing web site and web application design, accessibility, and usability from the perspective of a power-user.

The first episode discusses “type ahead find” in the Firefox browser and the design implications that come along with it.

View the Screencast

Hiding my del.ici.ous links

Sunday, March 19th, 2006
Licking lips

I decided I didn’t want my del.ici.ous links fouling up my blog stream, so I hacked WordPress so it wouldn’t show posts tagged with mybookmarks unless you display the category page for that tag.

I still want to have post my daily bookmarks, because then I have an archive, plus it gives a little Google-juice to the bookmarked sites (and in the end that makes the web a better place, search-spammers notwithstanding).

After determining the Id of that category, here’s the code I added to skip it:

<?php if (in_category('57')) { continue; } ?>