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Bookmarklet: sort all drop-down select lists on a page

Tuesday, April 4th, 2006

Some of my co-workers got stuck using a poorly-designed web application that has huge drop-down select lists. Unfortunately the people who designed this web app didn’t forsee the need to actually present the list items in any particular order, so its nearly impossible to find anything.

I made the following bookmarklet to sort all the select lists on the page. It’s probably not much use to anyone else, but at least I got to learn how to make a bookmarklet. Unfortunately it has to work in IE, which has a strict limit on the size of bookmarklets, so I had to keep it very simple.

SortSelect bookmarklet
Bookmark this link then click it on a page that has one or more select elements. The select lists will be sorted alphabetically. Tested in Firefox and IE6.