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resolio and other stuff

Thursday, May 10th, 2007

I ran across this site for creating attractive online resumes: Resolio. I started using it and noticed that they’re using my tabber script in their interface. I’m also using tabber in a major project at work – it’s a great way to get a quick interface going without any effort.

I finally got around to installing Ubuntu Linux on Kirsten’s old PC. The old PC had struggled to run Windows XP, but it seems pretty zippy with Linux. I have it set up on my desk: two monitors for my Windows PC, and a third for the Linux box. Now I’m trying to get Synergy working so I can use a single mouse/keyboard to span all three monitors. It will be good to get back into a real OS after slumming in Windows for so long.

Speaking of a real OS, I moved Kirsten to a nice iMac last year, with mixed results. The mouse that they ship with these things is absolutely horrible. She had a heck of a time trying to burn some music to a CD (iTunes is pretty unintuitive in that regard: you can’t just select some songs and burn a CD, you have to select the songs, create a playlist, then burn the playlist to a CD). Also, the kids use her computer, and there are just certain things and websites that won’t run on a Mac, so she occassionaly comes down to the basement to use my Windows PC.

In any case, I’m hoping to get a MacBook when they make their next revision, which will hopefully contain the new Santa Rosa chipset and LED backlit monitor.


Friday, September 15th, 2006

Despite my bad experience at the Apple store, I went ahead and placed an online order for an iMac, so I guess my wife is officially “switched”. According to their return policy, since I customized the order by adding additional RAM, I cannot return it, so I hope she likes it.

real genius and Apple-assholery to boot

Thursday, September 14th, 2006

After speaking to the real genius at the Apple store, I didn’t have much hope, but decided to call one more time in the afternoon.

“I want an iMac 17inch 2.0GHz, but with an upgrade to 2GB memory… can you do the memory upgrade and have it waiting for me to pick up at 8:00 tonight?” I asked.

He replied (approximately): “Oh no, that would violate the sanctity of the holy packaging of Apple, as set forth by the One True Jobs, if you were not to pay for the glorious iMac (you deadbeat!)”

Understandable, I guess, so I decided to waste my evening at the mall while they prepared this present for my loving wife. After fighting traffic and finding a parking space (which would provide the least likelyhood of me being mugged while transporting the equivalent of $1,500 through a dark parking lot), I made my way into the sanitized whiteness of the Atlanta Perimeter Apple Store.

Bypassing the displays, I walked to the counter, where other customers were concluding their purchases. The cashier gave me that head-jerk eye roll thing that seemed to say “step right up the bar, pardner” so I placed my order:

“I want an iMac 17inch 2.0GHz, with a…”

“Uh,” she interupted, “let me finish helping this customer.”

Apparently, the head jerk was more of a “hiya, be with you momentarily” kind of nod.

Never fear, the next cashier was promptly available. Her name tag said “Melba”. (insert toast joke here)

“I want an iMac 17inch 2.0GHz, with a…”

“Uh,” she interupted, “I’ll have to get …”

Now it dawned on me that cashiers at an Apple Store don’t actually sell anything, they only close the deal. So I would have to wait for a real Apple Genius.

After a couple minutes, the cashier hooked me up with another salesdroid. He certainly didn’t look like a genius, with curly red hair and an elongated thumbnail painted purple. I don’t know if the thumbnail was some kind of Mac thing, like an elongated pinky nail for snorting cocaine, but I’m sure a Gooogle search will turn up an answer.

“I want an iMac 17inch 2.0GHz, with the 2GB memory upgrade”

“Oh yeah, what kinda stuff are you going to use it for?” he asked as he hustled me over to the iMac display.

“It’s for my wife,” I replied. “Just Internet stuff, and probably some photo and video.”

“Wow,” he said, “I’m a creative.”

I looked down to his t-shirt that had the word “creative” printed below the collar. That’s when I knew I was in trouble.

“I haven’t even seen these new machines, I’m always in the studio teaching classes…”

Thus begain the dance. He made a trip to the back of the store. He came back, looked at the iMac display one more time, and I convinced him that yes I really wanted the 2GB. He made another trip to the back of the store, and returned.

“You see,” he said, “to upgrade the memory we have to take out the two 512MB chips. Then we have to put in two 1GB chips.”

His skills in mathematics were winning me over.

“And those two 1GB chips will cost you six hundred dollars. But I would be happy to facilitate an online order where the memory will cost only $175.”

At this point I was ready to lose it, and for some reason the word facilitate made it much worse.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” I said. “Do you realize I called this store twice today asking about this memory upgrade and nobody mentined any extra cost?”

“Oh really, what did they say?” the creative asked.

“Forget it,” I fumed and walked out the store, back to my car. Good thing I had my iPod® to entertain me in the horrible traffic back home.

real genius

Thursday, September 14th, 2006

I’m planning to purchase an iMac for my wife, but wanted to get a memory upgrade, so I called my nearby Apple store to ask how long it would take to do the memory upgrade in the store.

“It depends on how busy our Geniuses is… uh… are

I guess this salesdroid was not inducted into the hall of Apple Geniuses for grammatical reasons.

Apple iTunes accessibility color problems

Friday, March 10th, 2006

apple itunes accessibility problems

Okay, Apple, am I really expected to be able to read this? Let’s get a little bit of color contrast here…