ah, sweet vindication…

I saw this comment in the article 14 Tab-Based Interface Techniques:

I made some research a couple of months ago in search for the perfect tabbed interface. All but Barelyfitz’ Tabber have the same flaw : their markup is semantic non-sense, ie there’s a UL list, then the tabs, which makes absolutely no sense when printed. On the contrary, Tabber starts from correct and sensible markup, and then generates a clean tabbed interface.

2 Responses to “ah, sweet vindication…”

  1. Rick says:

    Quality vindication! I’m experiencing some crazy problems on my own, can get it to work in Opera but not in FF or Safari, probably due to my use of other js files being used. ::sigh::

  2. Rick says:

    figured it out, had an onLoad for my rollover images, deleted it and it’s all good. woop woop! thanks again for a wonderful asset for the web community. donation coming your way.


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