peanut butter disproves evolution

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  1. OMG! that is the most retarded argument I’ve ever heard.
    If I remember correctly evolution says that organisms change over time through mutation and natural selection.
    Also, I think there are a few more conditions from life then energy and matter.(such as atmospheric conditions, water, etc.)
    I still don’t understand why evolution can’t be God’s mechanism for creation? I mean God is all powerful, all knowing, Right? If that is true then God can start evolution with a lightning bolt if God so chooses. Or God could do it with a ray gun from the planet Krypton if God wanted.
    I’d have to say that the man in the video has the intelligence of the superstition nomads who wrote the bible. If he can’t be more creative with his view of God then he probably dooesnt really believe in God anyway.

  2. Homunculus Jones says:

    Where to begin… First they talk about evolution then they talk about “new life”. Can anyone but me see the logic flaw?

  3. Matt Burgess says:

    There’s no way to begin here. Any attempt to argue with it is doomed to failure.

    It’s worth pointing out that the initial spark of “new life” is still one of the great mysteries of the world. Evolution answers the development of life, but not the initial creation. And if you think God explains that question you don’t understand the meaning of “explain”.

    Regardless, one of the best things about belief in science instead of religion is that these questions are not challenges to our beliefs. They are keys to our understanding. Where did life come from? Where did it start? Not knowing for sure doesn’t make us reject all we do know. It makes us strive to find out.

  4. Evelotuion2 says:

    Flaw in this example, never defines type of energy, all it may assume is that light and heat as applied to the plastic container is not enough energy or the correct type to produce life. Also that the peanut butter itself no longer contains or hold the matter in a configuration that will contribute to creating new life.

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