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Liz Gannes writes:

Webshots Beautifies… Who Next?
Photo-printing may be a big business, but there is too much competition to make much money off it. You can see lots of evidence of this issue in the Shutterfly IPO paperwork. Additionally, younger generations seem increasingly disinterested in printing their photos; Flickr, Zooomr, MySpace, and Facebook are the places to share your pictures.

From my experience, this seems to be a problem with digital camera users in general, not just “younger generations”. I would love to have archival prints of my photos (just in case, FSM forbid, I lose a hard drive and my backups don’t work) — but it’s just too much of a hassle.

Here’s what I would like to see in a photo service:

  • A desktop application that monitors a folder, and every night uploads new files to my photo service. There would be an option to have a confirmation appear before the photos are uploaded, and allow me to choose which photos are sent, but chances are I would want this to be completely automated.
  • A periodic email reminder from my photo service that tells me it’s time to make some prints. After clicking over, it automatically has an order set up with all the photos that have been uploaded since my last print job, so I choose my options (individual prints or a photo book) remove any photos for which I don’t want prints, and click okay.

With a system like this, I would order a lot more prints.

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  1. Amber says:

    I have a photo printer and I still don’t print as many hard copies as I’d like to have. All I can say is it must be laziness, with a liberal does of procrastination. Because it’s sooooo much work to stick print-outs in a photo album…

    I have no other explanation, though.

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