Playground progress

playground layout post hole

This weekend I cleared the area, set up some batter boards and string to lay out the posts for the central tower and get them perfectly square, then dug one of the post holes as an experiment (to see how hard it would be, and to determine if I needed to rent a power auger).

I learned a few things while digging my first 12″ diameter, three-foot-deep post hole:

  • I am really out of shape
  • Digging post holes is great exercise, so hopefully that will help remedy the previous point
  • Three feet doesn’t sound that deep but it is approximately one third of the way to the center of the Earth

I also drove to King of Swings and purchased a ten foot wave slide, and learned the following:

  • A ten foot slide is pretty much as long as you would expect. Why is my visualization of ten feet so accurate while I woefully misjudge three feet?
  • A ten foot slide fits completely inside a Subaru Legacy Outback station wagon, even with the hatchback closed. Impressive. (Although I said the same thing about an 8ft landscape timber in a Toyota Rav4 until it put a crack in the front windshield.)

The following book kicks ass and has all the information you’ll need to build your own: Build a Kid’s Play Yard

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