How to beg

dog begging

I provide some free open source software, and to help defray the costs of this website, I usually beg for PayPal donations.

Here’s a JavaScript function I use, attached to the download link, to annoy people into sending me a donation:

function begForMoney()
  if (!arguments.callee.stopBegging) {
    arguments.callee.stopBegging = true;
    alert("Please donate!");

Here’s how to attach it to a link. You can attach it to multiple links on the page, and it only triggers an alert the first time it is clicked.

<a href="" onclick="begForMoney()">Download</a>

2 Responses to “How to beg”

  1. Marty says:

    Why all the extra code, just to onclick=alert() ?

  2. pat says:

    It checks to see if the alert has already been performed on this page. This allows me to add begForMoney() onto multiple links while preventing the alert from getting too annoying.

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