clarified due to the optical representation and more easily understandably

CSS positioning

I noticed the following review of my CSS positioning tutorial on a German website, here it is translated back into English:

CSS offers innumerable possibilities to Web presentations the suitable layout to miss. One of the most frequent problems which thereby again and again crystallized out, is the positioning of elements. Who does not take itself thus the time CSS in detail to understand, on the side of Patrick Fitzgerald a Tutorial offered to that. This places all possible characteristics of positioned elements in 10 steps. Result: Difference to other Tutorials is that the respective characteristic is clarified by means of an application of examples and not only simply the source code is pointed out. Thus above all the differences of the different positioning possibilities are clarified due to the optical representation and more easily understandably (static, relative, absolute, etc.). Not only for beginner a very recommendable small Tutorial. In order to be able to offer to beginners within the range weaving and pool of broadcasting corporations a larger selection, further link references to CSS Tutorials are naturally gladly seen, itself with the positioning of elements.

2 Responses to “clarified due to the optical representation and more easily understandably”

  1. Heiko says:

    Patrick nice to your reaction to my article ;o) Your “CSS Positioning” tutorial is absolutly advisable. A lot of people in weblog or discussion forums are talking about this “problem” and therefore I decided to refer to your Tutorial because its absolutly great. I hope it was in your sense? By Heiko

  2. pat says:

    Absolutely understandable – thanks for the nice review!

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