JavaScript tabbifier v1.6 new features


I just released a new version of my JavaScript tab interface software.

New Features

  • You can set a custom onLoad function to be called after the tab interface has finished initializing.
  • You can set a custom onClick function to be called when the user clicks a tab. In addition to performing any other actions, this function can stop the tab from changing.

8 Responses to “JavaScript tabbifier v1.6 new features”

  1. greengnn says:

    It’s very useful!!Thank you for your good demo.

  2. cosmo says:

    this is a very good tool. thank you…

  3. Ernest says:

    I’m new to using JavaScript and ran across Tabifier. It’s a great tool and much easier to implement than tab images and such. Can you help me, as far as best practices go, on how best to use Tabifier with displaying and editing data using MySQL?

    I’m trying to display a list of committees that are links to their detail level which are their goals and budgets. I want to display that info within the same tab; and then from there allow the user to edit the data in a form. Again in the same tab.

    I appreciate any guidance you can send my way.

  4. Maheswar says:

    I am in the same boat as Ernest. I could not get it to work with form submissions. Does this work only for static content ? If it can be used for dynamic ap, that would be great. I would really appreciate if you can clarify this.


  5. Kedar Kale says:

    Hi Patrick,

    I think this is a brilliant tool and I am finding it pretty useful. I had a question however. We were linking from one part of the html to the other using labels. I notice that however, if the label from the link belongs to data in another tab, the link does not work. Is there a way to make this work? Any inputs on this would be highly appreciated.


  6. Hello Sir!

    I’m using your fantastic tab pannel :)

    I have a question to ask u!

    I recently applyed the translation in my site. And, when someone press a translation, the tab opens itself along…

    Now, is there anything that can help this to not happen? U can test it on my website. You will see what i’m talking about.

    Soon, i will post a article about your applications. I promise!


  7. J Johnson says:

    tabber is great but here’s my issue:
    I need to set the focus on certain input fields within the tabs, and it would let me.

    What do I need to do?

  8. Suhas says:

    how can i set the default opening tab
    any example please replay urgently

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