JavaScript tabbifier v1.5 new features


I just released a new version of my JavaScript tab interface software. It has some new features that make it crazy-easy to use, plus I eliminated a memory leak in the IE browser (damn you Microsoft!).

New Features

  • You can set the tabberOptions global variable before you include tabber.js to change any of the tabber settings.
  • You no longer have to specify a title for each tab – it automatically finds heading elements in the body of the tab. Of course you can still specify a title if you don’t have headings or to override the title of the tab. And if you don’t do either it automatically numbers the tabs. See also tabberOptions.titleElements and tabberOptions.titleElementsStripHTML.
  • Removes the title attribute from the tab so it does not appear as a tooltip when you mouseover the body of the tab. See also tabberOptions.removeTitle.
  • You can prevent tabber from running automatically in the onload event. See tabberOptions.manualStartup.
  • Fixed a small memory leak that appeared in the IE web browser.

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