VirtualVault man – a retrospective

Back when I worked on the Hewlett-Packard VirtualVault Internet Security software, I created a character “VirtualVault Man” for the intranet site. He was loved by some and reviled by others. Here is a retrospective of his greatest moments.

VirtualVault man
Valentine’s Day

VirtualVault man

VirtualVault man

VirtualVault man

VirtualVault man

VirtualVault man

VirtualVault man
C’mon Vogue!

VirtualVault man

6 Responses to “VirtualVault man – a retrospective”

  1. KFitz says:

    My favorite is the strutting one.. Haaaa.

  2. Ah, the strut. I think that’s the one that put Don over the edge.

  3. Paul Thublin says:

    I don’t think Don appreciated the stock car either, but I seem to remember he took the framed copy of it that I brought to a Christmas gift swap…

  4. Mark Bell says:

    You know, I really can’t remember which one put Don over the edge althought in my opinion the NASCAR one would have been a top candidate!

    Fitz, thanks for sharing these with us again. How about digging some of the Tlx Penguin out of your bit bucket and posting a page.


  5. Judith Phillips says:

    OOOHHHHH – I’ve always loved vv-man!
    so good to see him again

  6. Joe Vossen says:


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