Funny Baby T-shirts

This store has some funny messages on its baby t-shirts:

A Change is Coming
Daddy Needs a Nap
Designated Driver
Did I Get Any On You
Does This Diaper Make My Butt Look Big
I Suck
Milk Junkie
Mommy Needs a Drink
Mommy Needs a Nap
Oops, I Crapped My Pants
Pull My Finger
Refuse to Snooze
Show Me Your Boobies
Thanks for the Mammaries
You Gonna’ Eat That?

I especially liked Oops, I Crapped My Pants.

Via Parent Hacks.

One Response to “Funny Baby T-shirts”

  1. Lolcats says:

    hahaha…oops I crapped my pants is a good one. Might have to get one for my little Peter. I want plenty of pictures to embarrass him with when he is older.

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