Happy Holidays 2005

Here’s a little poem I wrote for my co-workers at WebMD:

Today’s my last day ’till I see you next year,
So be happy and gay and have lots of good cheer.

For the next thirteen days I’ll not think of the site
(From _____ and _____ I’ve gained a respite)
No more RSS feeds, no more video flash,
No more javascript coding: just a big Christmas bash.

And when I get back all hung over and tired
I just pray that the first words I hear aren’t “You’re fired!
We’ve replaced you with scripts that New York has just coded,
And a mashup with Google, your job is outmoded!”

But I know that won’t happen here at WebMD
Where the people are full of such holiday glee;
Next year there’s a ton of good work to be done
So I’ll see you in 2006, everyone!

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