Microsoft acquires FolderShare / removes references to iTunes?

When I read the article Microsoft buys FolderShare, I jumped over to to check it out. I wondered if it had any restrictions for sharing music files, so I searched their site for “music” and found a reference to a page “How do I sync my iTunes music files?”

But when I clicked the link, the page had been altered to remove the section about iTunes.

Hmmm… did they remove that because they are now affiliated with Micro$oft?

They didn’t do a very good job, because their search is provided by MSN, and you can see the following in the cached page:

How do I sync my iTunes music files?

When syncing iTunes, it is important to sync only the actual music files located in the iTunes Music folder in the iTunes directory. Syncing the entire My Music or iTunes folder can result in the accidental deletion of the iTunes .xml file which contains track and playlist information.

To sync iTunes: With your devices online and running FolderShare, select “Sync My Folders” on the My FolderShare page. On each device, select the iTunes Music folder – the default location on Windows is:

C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunes Music

Once the sync is complete, you will need to tell iTunes to add that folder into the iTunes library to update the listing with any new songs. Open iTunes, select File => Add Folder to Library.

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  1. If you change the iTunes folder to something like c:\mp3, then iTunes will keep the music separate from the iTunes.xml file.

    I am sync’ing this with my PC at home, but each time I do this, I need to re-tell iTunes to grab the data, which results in LOTS of duplicates.

    Have you run into this?

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