“CSI Effect” Causing Courts Problems

American TV show CSI: Miami has been attacked by a top scientist for misleading jurors with its unrealistic portrayal of the capabilities of forensic experts and the boundaries of science. Lawyers fear the popular drama has precipitated the “CSI effect” by giving the public unrealistic expectations of what can be achieved in forensic laboratories – and that forensic testimonies are beyond reproach. West Virginia University expert Max Houck says, “Defense attorneys now worry about the CSI effect because they think the jurors view science as this juggernaut, this infallible, objective method that is always right, always accurate and that spells doom for their client.”

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One Response to ““CSI Effect” Causing Courts Problems”

  1. Jen says:

    I actually think the ‘CSI effect’ works to the detriment of the prosecutors. Your average criminal case revolves around very little scientific evidence and I’ve seen defense attorneys pull the, “Well.. why didn’t the State do X?” as if either side has access to CSI type science.

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