Exercise, like it or not

This evening I found a bug in a web application that I’m writing, and since I’m giving a presentation tomorrow I really needed to stay late and fix it. It turned out to be an OS issue, so I decided to check out the conference room system where I’ll be giving the demo, just to be sure everything would work smoothly. I dashed up the stairs to the conference room.

But I forgot that the stairwell doors automatically lock after 6:00 pm.

After a couple minutes of fruitless knocking I abandoned hope that anyone else would be leaving work late and would open the door for me. I got some exercise tonight, like it or not: 24 floors worth of stairs.

2 Responses to “Exercise, like it or not”

  1. @mber says:

    Wow. Yeah, that happened to me a few months ago. Are your legs all wobbly now?

  2. Patrick Fitzgerald says:

    My legs were wobbly last night. It would have helped had I been wearing sneakers instead of office-space clodhoppers.

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