Cat lady

I got a phone call at an inopportune time (middle of my wife’s ultrasound appointment) and it was a woman who said she got my number from some website (not mine). Since I was busy I blew her off quickly. Later I received an email:

Subject: baby cradle
yes–saw your ad on but tried the phone number and they laughed and said no that is not the right number for you. could you give me the number asap?? Thanks

Since I do have a baby cradle web page, I replied and got back in touch with the woman.

She informed me that she was looking for plans to a baby cradle and when she noticed I was in Atlanta (where she was visiting her daughter) she thought she might be able to pick them up from me before she headed home for Kansas.

Now the weird part: the cradle was not for a baby, it was for her cat. It turns out her cat had gotten used to sleeping in a doll cradle, but now the cat was getting too fat and wouldn’t fit, so she wanted her husband to build a new one.

I helped her out by pointing her in the direction of some plans.

I think I’m going to remove my phone number from my web site.

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