Some vacation… I got roped into painting

Painting the bedroom

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To be fair, Kirsten is doing most of the painting (pregnant and all). But even so, sheesh, I’m supposed to be relaxing on vacation.

Other “vacation” activities include shopping for a minivan. I’ve been told that a DVD player is now a must-have item. When I was a kid we had these things called “books”. Damn I’m starting to sound like an old man now.

I can’t bring myself to buy a new car when I can save 8-10k and get a used one that will do the trick, but the lure of those new-car features is powerful.

To pay for the van I’m doing something I should have done long ago – ridding myself of my remaining HP stock. Pfui! Carly Fiorina, I fart in your general direction!

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  1. @mber says:

    Shouldn’t she *not* be painting if she’s pregnant? Surely the fumes can’t be good… But then what do I know, I’ve never been pregnant!

    I hope you’re not talking about a DVD player *in* the mini-van. Please, don’t become one of those people!

    Ryan and Dara were wondering where you were this week. For some reason they thought you were coming in. Even I forgot you were on vacation until today, then I remembered you mentioning it.

  2. Patrick Fitzgerald says:

    Water-based latex paint supposedly has no risks associated with being pregnant, and the room is well ventalated.

    Yes, the DVD player is for the mini-van. (the horror, the horror, …) Kirsten is very frugal, so when she wants to spend some money she usually gets her wish. Plus she’s the one who is usually driving Lauren around, so who am I to argue. I think it will also come in handy on our yearly trek down to Florida for Christmas where we invariably have to bring my talkative brother in law.

    Had I known how this week was going to be, I probably would have come in to work. Lauren is teething and very fussy.

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