Phrase of the day: blink-tag era

I thought this was a funny way to describe someone who has been involved in web design for a long time:

blink-tag era web enthusiast

I remember the web before there was a blink tag, when I had to add a disclaimer like the following:

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2 Responses to “Phrase of the day: blink-tag era”

  1. @mber says:

    To be fair, I don’t think that’s a description for someone who has been involved in web design for some time, but rather for someone whose development of web development (gah, I just used the word “development” twice in a row!) abilities ceased to evolve as of 1998. Anyway, I think I’m definitely going to start using that term.

  2. Patrick Fitzgerald says:

    I suppose it should probably be “pre-blink-tag era” to really make any sense. After all, aren’t we still in the blink tag era? It may be a depracated element, but it probably still works in most browsers.

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