Music as property

An anonymous poster had this to say on Slashdot, which I thought was great:

“Farmers can leave their property to their children; why shouldn’t songwriters be able to leave their songs to their children?”

artists have to do the same things the rest of us do: work for a living.

and if they are successful, they can do the same thing the rest of us can do: leave a big inheritance.

Farmer: has a farm.. gets to leave it to the kids

Artist: has musical instruments.. gets to leave them to their kids

Farmer: makes a crop: can’t leave it to the kids, it’ll spoil or it got sold already

Artist: makes music: can’t leave it to the kids, because they already have it! it’s just information!

So, if the kids want to get rich from the farm, WORK THE LAND!

And if you want to get rich from music, WORK THOSE INSTRUMENTS!

Link (Slashdot)

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