Critical review of Skeptical Inquirer article: Did Jesus Exist?

Did Jesus even exist?

The question may seem absurd, but years ago some radicals treated him as an imaginary figure. Today’s experts don’t take the canard seriously.

But surprisingly, the issue is revived in Skeptical Inquirer magazine, which claims to examine evidence rationally as it seeks to debunk religions and hoaxes, ancient and modern. It’s published by the secularist Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal.

Reviewing Mel Gibson’s “Passion” film, committee senior researcher Joe Nickell asserts: “Historically, apart from later Christian sources, there is virtually no evidence for Jesus’ crucifixion – or even his very existence.”

Perhaps Skeptical Inquirer needs to be more skeptical about its skepticism.


4 Responses to “Critical review of Skeptical Inquirer article: Did Jesus Exist?”

  1. Malum Regnat says:

    So, do you have proof that Jesus existed?

  2. Patrick Fitzgerald says:

    Yes, I have proof that Jesus existed. I keep it in my basement in a shoebox.

  3. john van wagoner says:

    It doesn’t matter if Jesus Moses Abraham Mohammed existed or not; people act on their beliefs and don’t give a hoot if their beliefs have any connection to reality because reality limits their ambitious desires.

  4. BillyGoat says:

    Did Aristotle or Caeser exist? There is more documented evidence of Jesus within 100 years of his death than there is for anyone of that time period, including those two. I don’t see anyone doubting the existence of Aristotle. You choose not to believe in Jesus because you are afraid of giving away your life. Wake up.

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