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Skeptical Inquirer Magazine

Patrick Fitzgerald created the web site for Skeptical Inquirer magazine in 1994, and has been improving and maintaining it ever since. The site has won numerous awards (Home PC Magazine, Top 10 Science Website) and was even featured in the New York Times.

The home page features the latest highlights and news for frequent visitors to the website. [ ]

Topical articles attract new users to the web site. From 2000 to 2001, online subscriptions were increased by 40% (from 1,455 to 2,042 orders). [ ]

The well-organized design makes this large website easy to navigate and easy to maintain. On-line magazine archives go back as far as 1977. [ ]

A custom-designed search interface lets users easily find information on the website, or search only in specific areas of the site. [ ]

Summary of Features

  • Structured, well-organized site with large amounts of information
  • Clean, fast-loading page design
  • Custom search interface
  • Mailing list integrated into website
  • On-line store for magazine subscriptions and giftshop
  • Integration with Amazon.com for sales of related merchandise

You can visit the Skeptical Inquirer website at www.csicop.org

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